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Natalie Merchant Collected Songs 1985 - 2005 Songbook
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Natalie Merchant Collected Songs 1985 - 2005 Songbook

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Cherry Lane Music Publishing presents Natalie Merchant's latest songbook. A photo essay and an introduction written by Natalie are included in the book which features musical notation for piano, tablature for guitar and lyrics to 37 songs.

Song List:
A Campfire Song, Beloved Wife, Break Your Heart, Build A Levee, Candy Everyone Wants, Carnival, Cowboy Romance, Don’t Talk, Eat For Two, Frozen Charlotte, Gun Shy, Hey Jack Kerouac, How You’ve Grown, I’m Not Gonna Beg, I’m Not The Man, Jealousy, Jezebel, Kind And Generous, Life Is Sweet, Like The Weather, Maddox Table, Motherland, My Skin, Noah’s Dove, Ophelia, Put The Law On You, San Andreas Fault, Seven Years, She Devil, Stockton Gala Days, Tell Yourself, The Lion’s Share, These Are Days, Trouble Me, What’s The Matter Here?, Wonder, Verdi Cries

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